Open Wheeler Game Driving Cockpit Review (Page 3)

A Very Good Product Reviewed by, 4.5 of 5 stars (A Very Good Product)

Game Racing Chairs

An appropriate racing stance and comfort

Driver's convenience is always an essential factor when it comes to playing your favourite computer racing car games at home. That is why you must seriously think about the option of possessing one game racing simulator in your house. You will quickly uncover the big distinction prior to and after racing with the car racing game simulator seat. Of all car racing simulators, OpenWheeler delivers the best racing comfort. Each and every car game racing chair on the market distributes an appropriate driving stance, but you will receive the most for your money with OpenWheeler for sure.

You will require the video game racing simulator for a better driving experience

Due to the fact that the racing game simulators market is not overpopulated with players, the very few participants there offer varied tariff rates. On the whole, the driving game simulator cockpits are not low-priced products. Chiefly due to the quite poor market interest. The payment rate is indeed vast, from £200-£300 GBP ($300-$500 USD) for OpenWheeler, to the stupefying £26,000 pounds (more than 42,000 dollars!) for VisionRacer. Do not get dumbfounded by this immense cost difference. If you are a professional football or basketball player (i.e. the charge is your final problem in your daily life), VisionRacer is the accurate video game racing cockpit simulator for you. In all other cases, OpenWheeler will do precisely the same job for you for just one percent of VisionRacer's price (£270 GBP vs. £26,000 GBP). In other words, with OpenWheeler, at first peek, you seize a lot more than what you are paying for...